First off why my writing this? Simple answer is because I care (some would say, too much). PocketSmith is a Dunedin based company serving the globe by giving you online comprehensive personal information by linking your bank accounts and credit cards so the online app can forecast, budget and planned for you – like Xero does for businesses.

But for me and others who have bank accounts in two currencies or more will need them to add multi-currency so the totals are displayed correctly among other things. Hopefully they will get around to this soon, although they have no ETA for this and haven’t had since it was first raised in November 2012.

Currently on the roadmap that they have multi-currency listed as ninth on the “master feature list” and the summary box explains what they are hoping to do.

Otherwise PocketSmith is great for people with single Currency accounts and I certainly look forward to one day having a play with multi-currency.

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