168 Hours To See Wellington, Aukland and Sydney.

May 20, 2014 William 0 Comments

So I just got back from a quick week away and boy I feel like another holiday.

Sitting back here in Christchurch as I write this less than 24 hours ago I was on the beach in Bondi with a wine in one hand and try to block the sun from my eyes with the other as I checked out the wonderful vista.

Oh well, back to work I go…

Wellington (not so windy either)

Wellington was a surprise to me, I’ve never been before properly and to pound the streets of a busy capital city in our own country was quite a relief after we’ve lost our CBD. The hustle and bustle of the private and public sector going about their busy lives is a real change from Christchurch. I can certainly see why it an attractive place to live. 24 hours was actually enough – short you could stay longer and do all the touristy things – but we managed to do it in that time frame and even fitted in a visit to Parliament! Which surprisingly to me was smaller than I expected, we went on the hour-long tour which was exciting especially being in the debating chamber when one of the light bulbs decided to explode! BOOM. If you in Wellington and you need a great restaurant to go to a highly recommend Charlie Noble – splendid place.

The city of Auckland (where you will get stuck in traffic at any time of day)

Auckland is great, it’s big (for little old New Zealand) like a real city. Shopping, eating and dining (they’re not the same trust me) is what we got up to most. Popped out to have a look at Kelly Tarltons for a visit of the underwater see life. Great place not as good as I remember when I was a child (it seems bigger and better back then). Oh if you’re in Auckland and you are in need of a desert or ice cream you have to go to Giapo no exceptions! Britomart’s new shopping/dining area is quite cool too.


A great city ~ really I could leave it as that.   We stayed just opposite Central Station this is a great location. The CBD is easy to get around and the locals are friendly. We indulged in the touristy things such as the majestic harbour cruise actually quite good value we got it for AU$66 which includes a buffet lunch on board and a cruise around the harbour (they had me at it ‘includes lunch’). As I said at the start Bondi Beach is a the lovely place on a nice day, it’s easy to get to and great for lunch or a afternoon beverage in the sun.

And that’s it really, thanks to the travel companions for a great trip ~ you will be missed.