So just like that… A whole year has vanished, disappeared if you like.

Sitting here drinking my rather fragrant cup of tea it seems like it should really only be June by now and to think of Christmas and new year celebrations are only days away is rather frightening.

Looking back, one has to try and remember what one has done this year, luckily having a years worth of Instagram photos helps remind me of what a fantastic year 13 was.

Traditionally I would embed a YouTube video of google’s year in review, this year however I was disappointed with a rather short video. So here is one that¬†Jean-Louis Nguyen¬†made. In covers all the major events that inspired the world this year.

Amazing – we’ve accomplished it, we’ve made new friends along the way and we’ve all gotten a wee bit older, thanks for being part of it.

Dare to dream – here’s to 2014!

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