Interesting Stories From The International World Wide Web

February 18, 2012 William 0 Comments

So this morning doing my usual read and browse of the International World Wide Web (International? Long story I’ll explain it one day) I came across this story "When Your 7-Year-Old Son Announces, ‘I’m Gay‘" on I have to say it didn’t take me by surprise at first, but after reading it I realised that I have been following the person/the mother who is the author for quite some time.

"Amelia" blogged this week about a succinct exchange between her and her seven-year old son in which he announced his sexuality.

She detailed her surprise at the conversation and his subsequent willingness to identify as gay, writing: “Six months ago “gay” wasn’t even a word in my son’s vocabulary.”

The interesting thing is six months ago she posted “Mommy, they are just like me.” Which went viral with Glee followers because her son, who was six at the time had a crash on Blaine.

I think the most important thing she mentions in the recent blog is: "Do I think this is the last word on his orientation? I don’t know. He’s 7. Maybe as he gets older he’ll tell me something else, but it’s just as likely that he won’t."

And as some people will say it’s too early for him to know, I leave you with one of the biggest debates of our time: Do you believe there is a gay gene?

[ Written while extremely tired, and best served while listening to Katy Perry’s hit single Part Of Me ]