Sick Days & Making The Most Of Them

March 19, 2012 William 0 Comments

Sick days we all get them, some more than others – it’s just life – but as I write this lying in bed with an extremely painful tummy and looking incredibly pale, I don’t particularly like having sick days as I feel it’s a waste of time and I would actually prefer to be at work working. So keeping myself mentally occupied is important so I don’t start regretting my decision not to go to work even though I’m in such a bad state.

So some of the things that I do when I have a sick day are strange and not for everyone, but they help me pass the time.

First off; Keep a positive attitude,

Give yourself a break. Your body needs rest when you are sick. Nurture it and get refreshed. Treat yourself to the softest tissue you can find for your sore nose. Get the most comfortable pillows and blankets, and find your favourite spot to curl up and rest.

Use the time your body is resting to take a personal inventory. Are you happy with your life? Is anything bothering you? Are there any areas for personal growth and development? Are you effectively managing your stress and your time, or could you use some better coping skills for greater success? Is your life course on track? Choose three things, and decide to gather your courage and create a better you by facing them.

If you can once you’ve finished resting use the day to rearrange your priorities. Consider the list of worries or tasks swirling around in your head, focus on the things you need to do and if you’re up to it utilised your sick day to do some of these tasks and for the less important tasks and worries leave them be.

Dream. What would you do if you could change your life? Use your sick day, a day away from your typical routine, to consider your life course. Set goals and aim high. Think big. It is okay, no one will laugh. And no one will even know if you stay quiet. Consider telling someone your dreams, goals, and aspirations. You may find encouragements in surprising places. Then take action.

And finally grow, create, and expand. Before your day is over, enrich your life. Learn something new. Watch a documentary on television. Read a book about a subject you do not know. Browse the internet to learn what you do not typically seek out. Create a post for your blog if you have one, or express yourself through whatever medium your talent allows. You can be very productive while your body rests.

So there you have it, stuff to do on a sick day. Enjoy.

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