TV Ads: State Insurance – Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

April 11, 2012 William 0 Comments

State Insurance 2012 – Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride (90 seconds)

Hitting our TV screens recently is this new State Insurance advert Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride.

If my education is correct this style of advert is a "Story Ad" because it tells a story – obviously. Enough about me blathering on about what kind of advert it is, what do you think of it?

Well my view the first time I saw it I thought it was quite funny but I didn’t really get the message about who the ad was for, but the second time the song was becoming catchy and I actually stopped to watch it properly, which for the advertising agency that’s exactly what they’d like you to do.

Overall very good, exactly the kind of advert I would love to be in one-day.

Also another little touch from State Insurance you can download the original song for FREE from States website – Nice one!