TV Ads: Emirates Launches New Global Brand Platform – “Hello Tomorrow”

April 14, 2012 William 0 Comments

HelloTomorrow5_tcm133-838971Designed for the age of consumer engagement and empowerment, “Hello Tomorrow” is about inspiring people to greet tomorrow’s unlimited potential, now. “Hello” is a greeting, an invitation to a person, a place or an experience.

The campaign features print, radio, digital advertising and another great story style TV advert which is currently running on TV One here in New Zealand and I feel exactly like they would like me to when watching it, a sense of warmth with a smile on my face, excitement of going somewhere new and the unknown about the future. Does that make me rush off and book with Emirates, No, but it has put them in my mind as a choice I would consider when choosing an airline.

The New Emirates Hello Tomorrow TV Ad