My Review: TSB Bank [My Bank]

May 23, 2012 William 0 Comments

TSB Bank / [my]bank television advertising.

Recently TSB Bank launched a new service called My Bank which you may have seen advertised on TV.

It’s all based around the iPhone application and making banking more personnel and easier.

So me being me, I decided to take it for a test drive;


Let’s begin by saying it’s a clever idea that TSB Bank has thought up and I actually found out that they designed it themselves.

So first off you can sign up online or just download the application. Next step fill in the details and ID yourself, this can either be done in branch or by following the steps in the application. I chose to go in branch to ID myself and I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly and helpful staff and the level of service I received!

The application in itself I found quite clever and useful, it is great being able to see how much money (or little in my case) you’ve got. You can setup as many accounts as you like and name them anything you like and then personalise them with pictures. So pretty.

Also transferring between all your accounts is free, you may ask why would you want more than one account? And I would tell you that this is actually a system I already use with my current bank I have one account where my money is deposited and then within that account their our five others accounts, which are named stuff like Food, Savings and Holiday for example, keeping your money separate and organised can help you see exactly how much you can spend on things you don’t really need and keeping it separate from the stuff you need to save for.

If you’ve seen the TV ads you will probably understand the term "Bump Payments" this is where the application is quite advanced it uses the iPhone’s technology to be a Bump payments between your iPhone and your friends iPhone making sending payments to each other quick and simple.

All in all top marks for TSB Bank / [My Bank] the only recommendation that I have is about the cash flow card, the marketing department has gone to all the effort of making everything else flash, new and modern however the cash flow card looks like it’s still stuck in the dark ages, even the name "cash flow card" seems a tad old fashioned, perhaps that is the style they want to go for however next to a brand-new promotion which includes iPhone’s, applications and the new image of banking that they are creating it just doesn’t seem like it fits in.

Enough said I recommend you join, in fact click here or go to their website and play the game and you might even score yourself $50 as an opening balance!!