No Jetlag For Me

June 23, 2012 William 0 Comments

On my return from my quick jet set around the world in under three weeks, one of the many questions I got asked by my friends and work colleagues is "did you get jetlag" and the simple answer is no and so I decided I will share some of my top jetlag free travel tips for long haul.

Interestingly enough as I’m writing this, Rob Fyfe the current CEO of Air New Zealand has just shared his top tips for jetlag free travel which you can check out here

Mine are very similar, however I also believe jetlag is a mental thing as well as a physical effect.

Number one tip would be once on the plane, focus only on the time of your destination and adjust your sleeping and eating accordingly.

Drink lots of water, planes in my opinion are dehydrating animals so keep yourself hydrated with water!

Avoid the alcohol trolley.

Trying get as much sleep as possible, I find that four hours minimum on a long haul flight is enough for me but more the better.

Exercise, if the seatbelt sign is off go for a walk around.

And lastly going back to my belief of mental jetlag, I tell myself that jetlag is not real and I’m not going to get it – now that you may find strange but it seems to work.

Mr Fyfe recommended in his interview to avoid fatty foods and carbohydrates, this is probably true and very wise however I have a strange ritual of having Burger King wherever possible before a long flight.

And there you have it – Happy flighting!!