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August 7, 2012 William 0 Comments

Just a quick mention an update to say I am quite excited that NASA’s Curiosity Rover robot successfully landed on Mars last night New Zealand time.

Already the car sized robot is sending back a amazing pictures of Mars although, black and white at the moment they will become colour and better according to NASA later on, and in fact Curiosity ‘himself’ tweeted that last night "FYI, I aim to send bigger, colour pictures from Mars later this week once I’ve got my head up & Mastcam active #MSL".

As a small space fan it’s great to think that NASA has landed a robot on Mars, but not just that we can actually see images from Curiosity beamed back somehow available for all to see online is just quite amazing.

You may have not noticed that Google also paid tribute to them landing on Mars by incorporating Curiosity in a GoogleDoodle as part of their Olympic collection!

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Enjoy space fans

Image credits; NASA Curiosity Rover robot / GoogleDoodle