The Day Air NZ Farewells Rob Fyfe

January 31, 2012 William 0 Comments

Air New Zealand’s CEO Rob Fyfe or should I now say Air New Zealand’s departing CEO spoke about his legacy, his darkest days and highlights during his time with Air New Zealand in a press conference this afternoon.

So I wanted to share my views on him and where I think he is going. First off I think he has done an amazing job at Air New Zealand taking them for an ordinarily airline to an extraordinary airline!

I remember the time when we were stacked in Frankfurt to do the ash cloud from Icelandic the volcano and how well Air New Zealand handled the disruptions. I have also met Rob Fyfe in person and would describe him as a “all-round good guy”.

Air New Zealand’s new CEO will start at the being of 2013.

No one knows yet where he’s heading, but my guess is something to do with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group not necessarily a CEO position. But time will tell.

You can read the full press release from Air New Zealand here