My Review: SugarSync

February 10, 2012 William 0 Comments

16459-sugarsync_teaser_superOkay so I thought I’d share something with you, SugarSync is a handy piece of software I’ve been using for the last few days or so.

What is SugarSync I hear you ask? Well it lets you keep files and folders on one computer and have them synchronise automatically with another computer, it works reasonably well as I have a PC and two mac books and doing it manually was a pain.

The best part it is free for 5GB and you can pay more if you need it. I did however have an issue getting it to run properly on the Mac but persistence paid off and if any one of you have this issue I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling it.

So in conclusion I think it’s worth a go, especially if you are like me struggling to keep everything organised, If you want to follow my unique code below and you’ll get an extra 500MB on the free plan!