First World Problems: Internet Outage And My Tips For Killing Time

December 12, 2012 William 0 Comments

Most Kiwis with Telecom broadband will have experienced outages overnight and more recently Tuesday evening at possibly the busiest Internet time. We were one of those affected in our household and in telecoms defence it doesn’t happen often. To be honest I’m quite pleased that doesn’t happen often, because at times like this you suddenly realise how Internet dependent we are as a society.

Sure you made jokes that people will have to start talking to each other like real humans – but it’s true – here’s me and the rest of my family wondering what to do with ourselves and with more services requiring Internet such as Spotify you can’t even listen to music.

Killing time whilst you wait for the Internet to restore itself;

Tip one for music: If you are like me and use Spotify your options really are either the use good old FM radio dig out a CD but another suggestion is to call Telecom’s fault line on 120 where you will be placed in a very long queue withhold music, then simply activate the speaker function of your phone. Simple.

Other killing time suggestions of mine would be: watch TV, playing a board game, watched the flashing error light on your modem, tidy up some of those files on your desktop that shouldn’t be there and just tidy up stuff that you’ve been putting off because you had the Internet to distract you.

And before you know it – it will be back – back to serve our digital lives.