The Aussie Rainbow Crossing

April 13, 2013 William 0 Comments

This is just one of those Internet and social media story’s I just couldn’t help but talk about, in case you missed it in downtown Sydney for the celebration of the 35th anniversary of Mardi Gra festival the rainbow crossing was installed with much love from the local community and the rest of Australia, if not around the world.

This is what it used to look like:

However the short-lived crossing was removed after it was deemed to be a "traffic hazard" and a "safety risk" by NWS Minister for Roads & Ports Duncan Gay (love the name).

In my opinion I can see how it can be more dangerous than Abbey Road crossing in the UK where the Beatles once crossed where people from around the world flock to walk across it?

So anyway long story short the rainbow crossing was removed. But now there is a sudden Internet craze "DIY Rainbow Crossing" where people are making their own chalk rainbow Crossing’s all over Sydney and around Australia!

Got to love social media!