Donate To A Charity Without Opening Your Wallet – Donate Your Desktop

May 4, 2013 William 0 Comments

Update 28/12/13: This company has now changed its name to Little Lot.

Today I stumbled across this great little company in Auckland. Donate Your Desktop have a clever business idea of getting companies to advertise on your desktop charging them a fee and then giving 75% of the profits to a charity.

So I joined to give it a go and it’s really easy for you to as well, all you need to do is choose one charity from their list of 12, download the installation and create an account which will even show you how many desktops you’ve donated. You can set your preferences so you get semi-tailored adverts.

Now I am sure some of you are wondering why would you want adverts on your desktop and that’s a good point, however – believe it or not – I’ve always struggled to find the best desktop image and I like to change it often anyway so to have something that automatically changes my desktop image daily and is relevant to something I might want to purchase or subscribe to, plus and not forgetting the fact that you’re actually also helping the charity you’ve chosen it seems like a win-win to me.

So go on give it a go