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Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – Fiction Versus Reality Timeline

A look back as my updates come to an end. Over the past three weeks as we enter the fourth, people all around the world have been, like me and my friends extremely curious by the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. We may never know what happened to it, but as I write this it has to be said that I don't think any other event or global incident has occurred where I have spent so much time keeping up-to-date with it, from all the articles, statements and daily press conferences online from day one. As the media microphones started to slowly disappear as the global interest started to decline we were still watching waiting for news thinking 'one of these days they will find that plane' but unfortunately - and more so for the families - that hasn't happened. The Malaysian government in my opinion along with the airline has done extremely well. The Malaysians acting transport Minister has gone from not being able to string a sentence in English, to being able to front a daily media conference and answer difficult questions with some 'pretty rude media'. Malaysia airlines were extremely quick and efficient at supplying information online after the incident occurred straight on the front page of their website. Air travel is safe. MH370 was an incredibly rare event, yes it was extremely sad but lessons will be learnt and I'm sure the aviation industry is reviewing a number of procedures as good things will come out of this one tragedy. (more…)

By William, ago